Grow in Grace Unisex T-Shirt
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Your Christian T-Shirt will encourage, uplift, and spark meaningful conversations about Christ while also providing bibles to people all over the world.

Our Story

When we started Called To Edify® Boutique in our Oak Forest, Illinois apartment in the summer of 2011, we never could have imagined what God would have manifested!

My husband and I started Called to Edify in our home with $300 (despite the many trials and tribulations we were going through at the time- in which we had prayed our way through).  Our goal was to furnish our home with home decor that was inspirational and would constantly remind us of God’s Truth.  This Idea came to us after visiting a local home décor store. While in the store, we got frustrated on how expensive a simple Christian wall art would cost.  We bought a few pieces of art anyway, left the store, then began our journey back home.  It was during that ride home that my husband and I realized that we both had the skills to make our own wall art (him being a graphic designer, and myself being a writer of Christian poetry.  Click the picture to read more.