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5 Best Inspirational Christmas Gifts to Consider This Year 2021

5 Best Inspirational Christmas Gifts to Consider This Year 2021

5 Best Inspirational Christmas Gifts to Consider This Year

Can’t decide on what are the best Christian gifts to give for Christmas this year?

It’s a bit disheartening to think about the materialistic nature of the annual holiday. Thankfully, there are still people who remember the real meaning of Christmas despite the rampant commercialization.

This is God’s loving gift to humanity that Jesus came down in human flesh and not only dwelled with us but came to save us from our sin.

This is a great opportunity to start giving gifts to honor Him and convey our gratitude to one another. Here are some of the best inspirational Christmas gifts to inspire your loved ones:

  1. Christian Books

You can never go wrong with gifting someone a great book to read while resting for the holidays. There are times your words alone are not enough so let them explore the word of God themselves from various bible teachers, preachers or other Christian authors. It's a subtle yet lovely way to share the experiences and wisdom of Christians all over the globe which makes a perfect gift this year.

Have you read any books in the past that resonates and grows your faith stronger? If you can't recall the book titles right now, you can look up several recommendations of Christian books online. 

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  1. Inspirational Mugs

These are some of the most affordable Christian gifts you can find online. Mugs with inspiring messages of hope and God’s sovereignty are amazing sources of encouragement and comfort and is the absolute perfect gift idea for those on a budget. It’s perfect for those who want to start each day with gratitude and grace. Mugs are versatile and come in a variety of creative and beautiful designs and especially the ones from our shop. These inspirational mugs also make a great addition to your kitchen home décor especially next to your Keurig and your designated coffee station.

  1. Christian Journals and Notebooks

Do you know someone who recently began their spiritual journey? A simple as Christian journals can help really strengthens their relationship with God. They can record their daily thoughts, prayer requests, and uplifting encounters to fill the pages. This beautiful inspirational gift will help set them up on a course for success as they continue growing their relationship with the Lord.

There’s nothing better than this to write down favorite Christian verses, songs, sermons, and scriptures. It’s a simple little reminder of everything they’ve learned from quiet time with the Lord and sermons from church. 

  1. Christian T-Shirts

These are some of the best Christian gifts that inspire others each time they wear it to be bold for the Lord and not be ashamed of the spreading the good news everywhere they go. Anything that can remind people that they encounter about the goodness of our Savior is the best gift, don’t you think? Gifts like these put smiles on not only the face of the person who receives the gift but also on the faces of the people who see them wearing it.

Are you interested? We have a collection of new t-shirt arrivals such as “Growing in Grace” Unisex T-shirts and more! You can always take a look and check them out determine which one you feel fits the person who will receive the gift. 


  1. Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Sweatshirts and hoodies are the best inspirational Christmas gifts for young adults and teens on your Christmas list. Attires with inspiring phrases will not fail to warm their body especially if they are in a colder climate. This is a sincere yet fun way to express their strong faith and share the gospel to everyone they encounter and keep them warm at the same time. 

Not only that, but you can also add some new outfits to their wardrobe that will be faith based and trendy at the same time. These Christian sweatshirts and hoodies make the perfect gift for this age group because it helps them realize the importance of being bold for the Lord. You definitely can't go wrong with this "Love One Another" sweatshirt.



Top 5 Inspirational Christmas Gifts Ideas for You

Have you decided what inspirational Christmas gifts you’ll buy this year yet? In these uncertain times, holiday giving gifts while celebrating the birth of Jesus is a great way to share our blessings with others. 

You never know if any of these specific special inspirational gifts will be someone’s motivation to keep pushing through and stay strong in the Lord. These gift ideas make perfect stocking stuffers and are perfect to add into gift baskets as well.

Do you have any questions in mind? Would you like more recommendations about choosing Christian gifts? We will gladly help you so please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Let me know in the comments if there are any inspirational Christmas Gifts that you will be purchasing this year for your friends and loved ones.



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  • This is a great list of ideas of inspirational gifts to give at Christmas or birthdays or even just to bless someone. I particularly love that floral t-shirt, growing in grace.

    Karen on

  • These are great gift ideas, thanks for sharing.

    Betty on

  • Love these gift ideas! Thanks for putting them all together like this!

    Kari Minter on

  • I am always on the look out for inspirational Christmas gifts and this post has great ideas! Funny, just this morning I was looking for a prayer journal for my twenty-something cousin. I found one with Bible verses to color. I think she will really like it. I’m going to head over to your shop now and check out your t-shirts :)

    Heather on

  • Love these gift ideas. And loved the thought that these gifts might be the thing to help someone keep on and press through. Beautifully presented. Thank you!

    Pam Morrison on

  • So many lovely ideas – I’m spoilt for choice. And so pleased to see that your emphasis is on making Jesus the centre of gift giving.

    Helen Cronin on

  • These are great ideas. One interesting things about these christmas gift ideas is that they are durable (i.e can last for a long time).
    Christmas is here already, Yippee.

    Kristie on

  • Beautiful recommendations! I would love to have all of these gifts! God bless!

    Sheryl Mendoza on

  • All my kids are asking for lately are sweatshirts and hoodies, lol. Me, I’ll take the books. Thanks for this list!

    Summer on

  • Thanks for the wonderful gift ideas. I always like to give books among others things. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Yvonne Morgan on

  • Great gift ideas, I say that because I know I would LOVE to receive any of these!!! Blessings to you! Thank you for this beautiful post!

    Donna Miller on

  • These are such great gift ideas. I love that tshirt design!

    Sacha on

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