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Your Guide to Choosing a Focus Word For the Year

Your Guide to Choosing a Focus Word For the Year

Do you want to know how to spiritually grow?

If so, as we head into 2021, you want to start setting goals for yourself so that you can continue to foster your relationship with God. Often, people's journeys with the Lord are very personal, so you might already have some ideas of how you want to grow closer.

But did you know choosing a word for the year 2021 will also help you? Choosing to focus on a single word will guide you as you navigate throughout the month ahead.

How do you go about choosing a guiding word or phrase for the year, though? We'll help you select one below. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Go About Choosing a Word for the Year 2021?

What is the spiritual importance of choosing a word for the year 2021?

In Psalm 1, King David tells us about the type of people who are considered blessed in the Lord. He starts out by describing this person as someone who doesn't keep the company of the wicked, but he follows it up by saying this person takes joy in the words of the Lord and thinks on them continuously (Psalm 1:2).

Of course, it would be a Herculean feat to meditate on the entire Bible, even if you had a whole year to do it. That's why choosing a single word helps. If you narrow a biblical concept into a single word, such as "prayer," or phrase, you can then choose to study Bible passages pertaining to it and meditate on it throughout the year.

Think About Where You Are in Life

Are there one or two things in your life that you feel keep you from being the best, most Godly version of yourself?

All of us have things we try to work on, whether that's setting aside more time for prayer or remembering that God's love never fails us, even when we fail to be perfect. If there is something in your spiritual life you would like to improve, consider consolidating that concept to a single word and using it as your word of the year.

If you want some suggestions, you can take some inspiration from our quote. It comes from Colossians 2:6-7 and inspires us to concentrate on remaining prayerful, joyful, and faithful, and keeps us seeking to be fruitful servants.

Purchase Reminders of Your Word

Are you worried you will set out with terrific intentions at the beginning of the year and then forget about your word?

If you often find yourself forgetting about your New Year's intentions as the year progresses, you're not alone. You don't have to worry about forgetting your word this year because we offer faith based t-shirts and mugs with many Christian words and phrases on them that may match the ones you have already chosen for yourself. 

Are You Ready to Choose a Word of the Year?

So, are you ready to go about choosing a word for the year 2021?

When you go through the process of focusing on a biblical word for an entire year, you have the opportunity to grow closer to the Lord. By choosing a word based on a biblical concept that relates to your life and purchasing reminders of that word, you are cementing your commitment to your own spiritual growth.

Want to see how our products can help you remember your word? Check them out today!


What word or phrase have you chosen for the year? Let me know the word or phrase that you choose in the comment section below.

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