Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

"When we started Called To Edify® Boutique in our  first home in Chicago, Illinois in the summer of 2010, we never could have imagined what God would have manifested!

My husband and I started Called to Edify in our home with $300 (despite the many trials and tribulations we were going through at the time- in which we had prayed our way through).  Our goal was to furnish our home with home decor that was inspirational and would constantly remind us of God’s Truth.  This Idea came to us after visiting a local home décor store. While in the store, we got frustrated on how expensive a simple Christian wall art would cost.  We bought a few pieces of art anyway, left the store, then began our journey back home.  It was during that ride home that my husband and I realized that we both had the skills to make our own wall art (him being a graphic designer, and myself being a writer of Christian poetry.  So, we turned the car around, went back into the home décor store, returned the items we had bought, and then started on the path to create our own inspirational art.  We left the home décor store, drove over to a nearby Michael’s Arts and Crafts store and purchased the necessary items to start our wall art building process. 

We began our creation by typing Christian poetry over photo paper of random nature photography shots we would capture during vacations and frequent ride-arounds.  We would then add 3D sticker decals of flowers, butterflies, birds, trees, etc. that would coincide with the background image.  We would pop the photos into its own 8x10 frame, and then hang them up around the house.  When family and friends would come by for a visit, they would notice these unusual life-like wall arts that we had hung.  I mean, we hung wall art in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room- you name it!  The next thing we knew, folks started calling us and asking if we would build wall art for their home.     

As we grew over the years (seven website changes, three logo changes, and going through four drop shipping companies later), we transitioned from wall art, into a Christian Apparel Company.  We started Called To Edify® Boutique committed to provide the best customer service, affordable pricing, and great quality.  We have been blessed to inspire thousands of men and women with the gift of encouragement that embodies biblical messages of Faith, Hope, and Love- and the sovereignty of God. 

Today we are proud to continue providing our customers with those standards and more.  At Called To Edify® Boutique, we help individuals live out the principals of Christ daily.  Now, more than ever, is the time to brighten someone’s day with the never-ending love of Jesus! Each person who receives or gives an inspirational gift will be blessed!  We are honored that you have chosen to visit our shop, and we promise to give you an exceptional experience.  Remember to continue to have faith, and encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.


Thank you!

Al & Tona


A portion of our profits will be donated to a faith-based organization monthly.  Our final goal is to spread His word and love through our products that will allow you to minister to others everywhere you go.  




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  • Thank God for connecting you two together. I enjoyed reading this blessed testimony of faith, inspiration and godly encouragement. Continue in His loving guidance. Blessings!

    Paula Reed on

  • What a lovely story! I would have loved to have seen the wall art you made. God bless your ministry and make your business prosper as you work to build the kingdom.

    Summer on

  • Loved reading the why behind the what. So encouraging!

    MAmie on

  • So great to see your faith displayed in your marriage and your business! Thanks for sharing your story and giving us a glimpse behind the scenes!

    Rachel on

  • This is great! I’ve always wanted to do Christian clothing for youth. I would love to see them wear something that speaks in to their lives. This is a great opportunity. Congratulations.

    Elizabeth on

  • This is amazing! Love your story and the demonstration of faith!

    Kari on

  • What bold faith! I love how God is showing you favor as you work together as a team and share His message. Thank you for sharing your story about your company. LOVE what you are doing!

    Adriane on

  • What a beautiful story. I love that you both had the heart and talent to bring Christ into your home in such a creative way.

    Christina Dronen on

  • Isn’t it wonderful how God brings us along the path He has for us?! Your story is an encouragement to all of us to listen to the ideas He gives. As they lead us to His plan. Blessings! 💗

    Teresa on

  • This is such an inspirational story. I am looking into making some t-shirts to help me make some income from home. Blessings, Joni

    Joni Steinauer on

  • What a wonderful testimony of God’s faithfulness!

    Betty Rojugbokan on

  • What a great testimony and encouragement for those of us budding entrepreneurs! I look forward to browsing through your store!

    Luisa Rodriguez on

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